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On biomimetics and biomimicry
Authors: Rhizopoulou, Sophia
Chimona, Chrysanthi
Koukou, Danae-Ioanna
Gkikas, Dimitrios
Reviewer: Dimoudi, Argyro
The fields of the research in Biomimetics and Biomimicry are inspired by the structure and the function of living organisms, both at the cellular and organismic levels and their interactions with the environment (biotic and abiotic). There are two quite similar terms in the international literature, namely biomimetic and biomimicry, which, although interpreted by many as almost identical, are not. The term biomimetic is derived from the terms bios (life) and mimetic (mimesis). The term biomimicry is derived from the words bios (life) and imitation or mimicry. Biomimetic has been the inspiration for material technology, from which excellent, modern applications have been emerged and it is expected that other applications, which we cannot imagine today, will emerge. Biomimicry is also related to the usually deceptive imitation of characteristics of an organism by another organism, i.e., cheating. For example, the flowers of some plants, such as orchids, exhibit a morphology that seems to mimic the appearance of certain insects in order insects to be attracted. Also, some butterflies mimic the foliage to avoid being noticed by predators. The above-mentioned terms describe the importance of understanding the living world and the simulations of many of its functional devices.
Linguistic Editors: Kioseoglou, Nerina
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Type: Chapter
Creation Date: 2022
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Bibliographic Reference: Rhizopoulou, S., Chimona, C., Koukou, D., & Gkikas, D. (2022). On biomimetics and biomimicry [Chapter]. In Rhizopoulou, S., Chimona, C., Koukou, D., & Gkikas, D. 2022. Biomimetics and Biomimesis [Postgraduate textbook]. Kallipos, Open Academic Editions.
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